Coloured Alloy Wheels

Its pretty depressing to spend £50,000 on a van and then see one with the same set of wheels parked next to you.
The is hope.........
If you have your van coming to Swiss Vans HQ then we can paint your alloys up to 210 different colours.
Give us a call with what you want and we will email over an actual picture of a few colours. 

- Personalised wheel choice 
- Durable paint finish 
- Done by professional company who strips the wheels down first 
- Adds about two weeks to the alloy wheels.
- Combine with a treatment for a more durable finish 

- We won't order until you wheels arrive so if wheel is late so will be your van!
We are not magic  Elves at the North Pole with magic wands. It can easily take a total of a month if we don't get the alloy wheels for two weeks. Often alloy wheels take longer to arrive than the vans !!!

_ Paint is paint. It will chip it will flake and it won't last forever. Your can help by washing your wheels and not using abrasive chemicals, and touching in chips and scratches. Don't order if your a serial moaner. 

- Warranty . 12 months  against a defective finish return to Wales to our supplier to fix. 

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